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    Celebrate Summer with a Cruise!

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    You are closer than you think to beautiful weather and the feeling of the ocean breeze on your face. With the help of some amazing cruise deals, you can plan the ultimate vacation for this summer.

    The Perfect Time to Enjoy Outdoor Activities

    With most of the Northern Hemisphere enjoying beautiful summer weather, this is the ideal season to take a fabulous cruise and really experience the sun. Whether you want to lie on the white sand beaches of the Caribbean or check out a European cruise, summer gives you plenty of options for amazing trips to take. Take advantage of the summer temperatures by participating in outdoor activities like jet skiing, swimming, or sitting by the pool.

    School Vacations Lead to Easier Travel

    If you are planning a family getaway, take advantage of the open school calendar with a summer cruise. Spend some time making family memories that will stay with you forever as you set sail for a new adventure.

    The Opportunity to Meet New Friends

    Since summer is usually a popular season for travel, taking a cruise during this season gives you the opportunity to meet some interesting new people. Whether you want to plan a trip with a group of friends or take an adventure all on your own, a summer cruise gives you plenty of opportunities to fraternize with your fellow passengers and potentially meet some new travel buddies for future trips.

    At Brentwood Travel, we know that traveling is an integral part of a full life. Our travel agents are here to help you find cruise deals, flights, and hotels for all of your trips. From all-inclusive honeymoon deals to luxury cruises, we put the whole world at your feet. To learn more about our travel agency or to start booking your trip, visit us online or call (314) 488-2100.

    Keeping Track of Your Luggage

    Last updated 7 days ago

    For the sake of convenience and saving money, most travel experts will recommend that you never check your bags on an airplane. However, there may come a time when you need to check your luggage.  

    In this video, a travel expert discusses strategies for keeping track of your checked luggage. He recommends keeping your bags under 50 pounds—if they weigh any more, you’ll likely incur nasty charges. To increase your chances of being reunited with a lost bag, remember to fill out an ID tag and attach it to your bag.

    To help make sure your next vacation is a blast, call Brentwood Travel at (314) 488-2100. Our travel company is dedicated to creating exciting itineraries for St. Louis residents. Visit our website to learn more about our travel services.  

    Must-Visit Beaches in Hawaii for Surfers

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Nothing is better than letting loose and catching a few waves! The travel agents at Brentwood Travel can help you take advantage of the waves by planning an exciting trip to Hawaii. Use this guide to figure out which beaches you should visit during your Hawaiian surfing adventure.


    This beloved beach is located in Maui’s North Shore. Surfers love this spot because of its strong right point structure that creates unbelievable waves. These waves come and go, so it is important to know what you are doing when they finally do arrive. While you may not have a full day of surfing in Honolua, you certainly will not forget whatever waves you do catch while surfing there!


    Head over to Oahu to experience some of the famous surfing found on the North Shore. Sunset Beach is known for being one of Oahu’s longest sand beaches thanks to its impressive two-mile length. This beach tends to be pretty relaxed throughout the year, but produces waves between fifteen and twenty feet in height during the winter months.


    If you are looking for more of a challenge, bring your surfboard to Velzyland Beach in Oahu’s North Shore. Velzyland features sharp reef and other hazards that create a serious distraction, making this spot most appropriate for highly skilled surfers. If your skill levels are not advanced enough for this course, you can still enjoy watching other surfers try their luck.


    Start your exploration of the stunning South Shore in Oahu by checking out Canoes Beach! This spot offers a steady stream of waves that can help you have a great day of surfing. If you are lucky, you may experience a few bigger waves to test your skills and help you become more advanced.

    Brentwood Travel can help you experience all of these beaches and more. Discover the perks of working with our travel agency by checking us out online. Contact us at (314) 488-2100 for more facts about our St. Louis travel company.

    Advice for Renewing Your Passport

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Before you can leave the country for an exciting vacation, you need to make sure you have your passport! If you need to renew your passport, it is a good idea to get it done as quickly as possible. This will allow you to buy your tickets and focus on other vacation planning responsibilities.

    As you will see in this video, renewing your passport is a simple process as long as you know what you need! Be sure to have your current passport, a new color picture of yourself, and the form needed for renewal. Apply online or send your application in to receive a new passport.

    If you already have your passport, it is time to start planning your trip. Brentwood Travel is St. Louis’ top travel agency, allowing residents of all ages to plan their dream vacations. Learn more by calling us at (314) 488-2100.

    Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy in Italy

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Summer is on its way—is your family ready? Planning a summer vacation is a great way to take advantage of this free time away from school and work. Travel agents can help your family plan an unforgettable trip to Italy that is sure to make this summer stand out from all the others.

    Bomarzo Monster Park

    This attraction is perfect for a family trip to Italy! Located in Northern Lazio, Bomarzo is a popular town filled with plenty of attractions that appeal to residents and visitors of all ages. Explore the town to find the famous Bomarzo Monster Park, a stunning garden that houses a number of amazing and scary sculptures of monsters and other spooky mythological creatures.

    Castello Sforzesco

    You and your family can get a glimpse of Italian royal life by heading to the Castello Sforzesco located in Milan. Unlike other Italian castles that are found high up on hills, the Castello Sforzesco can be found downtown near the city’s famous Duomo. Originally constructed in the 15th century, the Castello Sforzesco is currently home to a number of fascinating museums.

    Lake Garda

    Enjoy some time by the water with a trip to Lake Garda. This is Italy’s largest lake, measuring in at 51 kilometers long and 17 kilometers wide. Experience amazing views thanks to the castles, villages, and other attractions that can be found near the shore. Your family can enjoy a variety of water activities, including sailing, windsurfing, and swimming.


    You cannot go to Italy without visiting the Colosseum! As one of Rome’s most famous historical spots, the Colosseum serves as a wonderful and exciting attraction for visitors young and old. Even high-energy children are sure to have fun walking around and exploring this historic spot that is still viewed as one of Italy’s most recognizable features.

    Start planning your family’s trip to Italy with help from the travel agents at Brentwood Travel! Learn about our current travel agency deals and all-inclusive trips by taking a look at our website or calling us today at (314) 488-2100.

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