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Save Time With These Travel Packing Tips

If you’re planning a family trip, you may end up packing for the whole family, especially if you have small children. You can save a lot of time and space by packing your suitcase in a strategic way.

Watch this video for tips on how to pack a suitcase for family travel. A travel expert shows you space-saving tricks that will help you fit much more into your suitcase, while keeping it neat and organized.

If you’re looking for a travel expert in St. Louis to help you plan a trip, come see us at Brentwood Travel. Our travel agents can save you time and money with our travel packages and cruise deals. For more information, contact our travel agency today at (314) 439-5700.

Leaving Home for the Holidays

A travel advisor can help you plan a trip down to the last detail, so that you can remain relaxed and stress free even when traveling on or around the holidays. Before you plan a trip over the holiday season, read these great tips from travel experts.

Use a Travel Agency to Plan a Trip Well in Advance

Your trip will be less expensive, and is much more likely to go smoothly, if you begin planning well in advance. A travel agent at a reputable travel agency can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. Travel agents have insider access to travel packages, and deals on airfares, hotels, car rentals, and other travel amenities. These travel experts can also give you great travel advice that will help you plan a trip you won’t forget.

Choose Your Flight Date and Time Wisely

The day prior to any major U.S. holiday is typically the busiest and most expensive travel date. A travel agent can help you save money by finding the least expensive departure date for you. Departing early on a holiday is often cheap, and airports are calm. Regardless of your travel date, you should ask your travel agent to book a flight early in the day. This will give you some travel flexibility if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Pack For the Unexpected

You should check the weather forecast for your arrival city regularly as your trip approaches. This will ensure you don’t end up with clothes that aren’t weather appropriate. You should pack lightly, but wisely, and bring items like an umbrella, hat, sweater or jacket, an extra pair of comfortable shoes, and one dressy outfit. This way, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

Before you plan a trip in St. Louis, consult our travel experts at Brentwood Travel. Our travel agents have extensive experience arranging affordable family travel, honeymoon trips, luxury cruises, and all-inclusive vacations, and they can offer you amazing travel packages and deals. To speak with one of our friendly travel advisors, call us today at (314) 439-5700.

Deciding if a Honeymoon Registry is Right for You

Wedding gifts used to be a way for family and friends to help a new couple furnish their first home. Now, many couples cohabitate prior to marriage, or already have accumulated basic home furnishings, and don’t need traditional wedding gifts. If you and your partner find yourself in this situation, you can ask your wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon trip instead of offering a traditional gift. Here are some easy ways to determine if a honeymoon registry is right for you.

You Want to Plan Your Dream Honeymoon Trip

Many couples are far too busy to take regular vacations together, so a honeymoon trip is a great opportunity to plan a dream vacation. If you have a fantasy vacation in mind, but aren’t sure if you can afford it without help, a honeymoon registry is perfect for you. Set up a honeymoon registry at a travel agency, and direct wedding guests to it via your wedding invitations.

Your Guests Want to Give You a More Personal Wedding Gift

Close friends and family often want to offer the happy couple something more personal than a gift card or blender. A honeymoon registry is a great way to allow your guests to feel like they’re part of your honeymoon trip by helping you fund your honeymoon package. Guests will know for certain that they’ve gotten you the greatest and most personal wedding gift possible.

You Have All of the Household Items You Need

There is no need to ask wedding guests to buy you and your partner new household items if you already have everything that you need. For couples who love travel and adventure, an amazing honeymoon trip is the greatest wedding gift imaginable.

At Brentwood Travel, our travel agents in St. Louis can set up a honeymoon registry for your honeymoon trip. We also offer fantastic honeymoon packages to a variety of gorgeous honeymoon destinations. To talk to one of our travel experts about planning a honeymoon trip or setting up a honeymoon registry, call us today at (314) 439-5700.

How a Destination Wedding Sends Planning Stress Packing

Destination weddings are a great way to combine your honeymoon trip with your wedding itself. They provide an amazing excuse for family trips, and allow you to celebrate in a new, exciting, exotic location with your nearest and dearest. A travel agent near you can help you find deals on honeymoon packages that will take the stress out of planning a trip and a wedding. Here are some more great benefits of destination weddings.

Travel Agencies Save You Money

Travel agents are travel experts who can use their experience and insider connections to save you money while planning your destination wedding and honeymoon trip. They can find you the best cruise deals, honeymoon packages, and all-inclusive resort specials that will help you save a great deal of money. When planning a destination wedding, every penny you save is valuable.

Honeymoon Packages Make Planning Stress-Free

A travel advisor can offer you a number of different honeymoon packages that can make your travel planning stress-free. Honeymoon packages and all-inclusive vacations include travel costs, accommodation, meals, and entertainment. When bundled together, a travel package can save you money. You’ll also spend less time planning every detail of your itinerary. You’ll be less stressed overall, and will have more time to devote to more important matters.

Enjoy a Fun Family Trip, and Some Independence

If you have your wedding in your current city, your out of town guests may want to stay with you, and you’ll have family members constantly questioning you about your plans. A destination wedding provides the perfect excuse for a fun family trip, and your relatives will be so busy sight-seeing, you and your betrothed can enjoy some quality alone time together.

At Brentwood Travel, our travel experts can find you great deals on destination wedding travel and honeymoon packages near St. Louis. We have 58 years of experience planning memorable honeymoon trips to beautiful, memorable locations around the globe. For more information about our cruise deals and all-inclusive vacations, call one of our travel agents today at (314) 439-5700.

How to Use Tech to Keep Traveling Kids Entertained

If you’re planning a family trip with one or more young children, you’ll need some tips and tricks to keep them entertained during the more mundane parts of your family travel. Airports and airplanes can often push kids to their limits, but there are ways to prevent boredom and tantrums during your family trip.

Watch this video to learn how to use technology to entertain kids during family travel. Tablets, netbooks, and even cell phones can entertain your child while waiting in the airport, or on the plane.

Planning a family trip in St. Louis is easier with our travel experts at Brentwood Travel. Our travel agents have years of experience in planning memorable, exciting vacations for people of all ages. For more information, contact one of our travel agents today at (314) 439-5700.

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