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    Conditions of Brentwood Travel's Honeymoon Registry Agreement

    Last updated 3 days ago

    When you book your honeymoon trip through Brentwood Travel, you get a unique opportunity to allow your friends, family, and guests contribute to the expenses of your trip. This is great for those who want to get you a gift but have no idea what you need or want, but it’s also wonderful for you as a couple. You’ll get to do things and go places you might not have otherwise been able to afford!

    There are a few conditions of the Honeymoon Registry Agreement that you’ll want to be aware of. We’ll give you 30 free cards to distribute to let people know about your registry, as well as the opportunity to purchase more. All funds go into your registry. If there isn’t enough to fund your trip, you’ll be responsible for the balance. If there’s more than you need, you’ll get a check made out to both of you for the extra. Ask your travel agent for more details.

    If you’re interested in this program, or just in planning a honeymoon trip at all, contact us at Brentwood Travel in St. Louis by calling (314) 488-2100 today.

    Etiquette Tips for Your Destination Wedding

    Last updated 5 days ago

    If a destination wedding is your dream, then you already know you face a few extra challenges in planning, even if you’re working with a travel agency. Even so, most couples find that it’s well worth the effort to ensure that their special day is truly perfect. When planning a destination wedding, however, it’s important to adhere to a certain standard of etiquette. While there’s usually a little wiggle room in most situations, here are the basics you’ll want to be sure you’ve met:

    Send Invitations Super Early
    Destination weddings obviously require travel, and not everyone can drop what they’re doing to make plans only a month or two out. Invitations should go out not less than six months before time, and eight months is better. That means you’re going to have to decide on your final guest list much earlier in the process than usual, and possibly make some tough decisions.

    Find the Best Deals for Your Guests
    Unless you have unlimited funds to pay for the airfare, meals, and accommodations for each guest, coming to your wedding will be a significant expense. If you’re using a travel agent to look at honeymoon trips, try asking about getting all inclusive deals for your guests, too. Sometimes airlines and hotels will offer discounted group pricing. Find a few options and let your guests know that you’ve done the legwork for them—it’s just up to them to book it.

    Don’t Feel Like It Has to Be Huge
    Because destination weddings do tend to be expensive, both for the couple and the guests, it’s usually not possible to have everyone you’d normally invite locally present. That’s ok and it doesn’t breach etiquette rules at all! Just do be sure to have a local reception upon returning from your honeymoon trip so that everyone who couldn’t attend has a chance to congratulate you.

    If you need help planning your destination wedding or honeymoon trip, contact us at Brentwood Travel in St. Louis. We can help you find some of the best travel deals, from all-inclusive packages to cruise deals for after the ceremony. Call (314) 488-2100 for more information today!

    Traveling Overseas with Kids

    Last updated 10 days ago

    Traveling overseas can be one of the best ways to expose your children to a wide variety of culture while also getting in some much needed quality family time. Traveling abroad with children can be a little more challenging than traveling alone, however, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve properly prepared.

    Check out this video for several tips on making your trip smooth and enjoyable. Things like getting your child’s passport and medical needs taken care of should be done early, while other things might be able to wait until you’re at your destination. If you’re in doubt about anything, ask your travel agent for tips about the area.

    For cruise deals, all-inclusive vacations, and all other travel needs, contact us at Brentwood Travel in St. Louis. We can help you find the perfect destination and accommodations whether you’re traveling alone, on your honeymoon trip, or as a family. Call (314) 488-2100 today.

    An Overview of the TSA's Secure Flight Program

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Air travel watch lists are not a new thing, but it wasn’t until TSAs Secure Flight program that the process became unified and standardized. While it may seem like airport security is more of a hassle than it used to be, the process used to maximize consumer travel safety has done much to keep the wrong people off planes and get the right people on them faster. Your travel agent can provide you with more information about this program and how it works, but here are a few basics:

    The Reason They Ask for Your Information 
    When you go to book a flight, you’ll have to provide certain personal information, including your full name, sex, birth date, and any redress or travel numbers you might have. The reason for this is to compare your information against the national watch list to make sure you aren’t on the No Fly List, evading capture, or are a high risk to national security. If there are any red flags, you’ll be tagged for enhanced security. If there aren’t, they’ll actually go ahead and expedite you through the system—which is good news!

    How They Handle Privacy
    Privacy is one of TSA’s main concerns with the Secure Flight program; they take it just as seriously as they take travel threats. TSA has a stringent list of privacy principles and policies that minimizes the chances of your information becoming compromised or shared with anyone who does not strictly need to know. They use three levels of safeguards and provide extensive administrative and staff training on all policies and procedures. Finally, they have an entire staff devoted to the monitoring of the system to make sure all is as it should be and to address any points of concern the moment they happen.

    There’s no reason to let fear of airport security keep you from taking your dream trip. At Brentwood Travel in St. Louis, we can explain how it really works and set your mind at ease. Contact us today if you need a travel agent, or are interested in cruise deals, all-inclusive vacations, or luxury cruises by calling (314) 488-2100.

    Top Packing Mistakes to Avoid

    Last updated 17 days ago

    When you go on vacation, you want to make sure to pack well so you have everything you need to enjoy your trip. Keep reading to learn about some common packing mistakes so you can avoid them the next time you travel:

    A lot of people pack way too much when they go on vacation and get stuck lugging around a huge suitcase full of things they do not need. Try to pack fewer items that can serve multiple purposes so you do not have to deal with such a big bag. Too often, someone packs a carry-on bag without checking on an airline’s baggage restrictions and get stuck paying extra to check it. You should also look into what you can bring in a carry-on bag before you start to pack.

    The travel agents at Brentwood Travel can help you plan your next trip and figure out the best way to pack. If you are thinking about going on vacation, we are here for you. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (314) 488-2100.

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