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    Understanding Your European Travel Options

    Last updated 2 days 10 hours ago

    With taxis, buses, and subways, it is easier than ever to travel around Europe on your next vacation. Utilize these different modes of transportation to make the most of your time away.

    If you are traveling with a group of 3 or 4, it is often faster and cheaper to travel by taxi. Subway systems offer an affordable way to travel quickly throughout the city and buses make it easy to sightsee as you move toward your destination. Check out this video to learn more about getting around in European cities. 

    Whether you want to go to Europe or on a luxury cruise, Brentwood Travel is here to offer you access to the best travel deals in St. Louis. Our travel agents know how to find what you want for your next vacation. Call (314) 488-2100 to get started.

    Planning a Romantic Getaway in a New Relationship

    Last updated 4 days ago

    Traveling with a significant other is a great way to determine whether or not you are actually compatible as a couple.

    If you are in a new relationship, use the following tips to plan your first romantic getaway:

    Test the Water with a Short Trip

    Instead of planning an all-inclusive vacation to another country for a few weeks, you might want to take a short cruise or simply go away from the weekend. Shorter trips give you and your significant other the opportunity to ease into your first vacation experience so you can really see if you are compatible enough to travel together.

    Talk About what You Expect from the Trip

    It is always a good idea to have a brief conversation about what you both expect from the trip. This way, you know if you want to do the same kind of activities or if you will spend some time on your own during the day and come together for a romantic dinner in the evening. Knowing that you want to do different activities before you arrive to your destination could prevent some unnecessary fights.

    Split the Costs

    Money can also become a point of contention on vacation, which is why it is a good idea to split the costs of your first getaway. Take turns paying for meals and activities so one of you does not get stuck paying for the entire trip. Even if one of you offers to pay at the beginning of the trip, you might start to get resentful when the costs of the vacation add up.

    If you are looking to plan a romantic getaway for you and your significant other, Brentwood Travel can help. Our expert travel agents will help you organize a vacation that you both will love. As one of the top travel companies in St. Louis, we make it easy to travel on your own terms. To learn more, visit us online or call (314) 488-2100.

    Tips to Lighten Your Travel Load

    Last updated 9 days ago

    Traveling is about the experience not about lugging around heavy bags from destination to destination. 

    Use this guide to help you pack lightly before your next vacation so you can focus on enjoying your trip:

    If you can fit everything into a carry-on bag, you do not have to worry about lost luggage ruining your trip. Invest in quality luggage that will keep your belongings safe while you travel. Bring multipurpose clothing that you can use for a variety of purposes so you do not have to pack as many items. Roll your clothing in your suitcase to save space. Buy toiletries and other small items at your destination so you do not have to waste space in your suitcase.

    While you worry about packing, the travel agents at Brentwood Travel will figure out the logistics of your next trip. We can help you find all-inclusive resorts and cruise deals that make it easier than ever to travel. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (314) 488-2100.

    Reasons to Cruise Alaska

    Last updated 11 days ago

    With the world at your feet for your next vacation destination, it might be hard to figure out where you want to go. If you are having trouble deciding where to travel, you might want to consider Alaska. Luxury cruises to Alaska provide some of the most stunning and incredible views in the world. 

    Keep reading to find out what you can expect from a cruise to this amazing area of the country:

    Unspoiled Natural Beauty

    Alaska is still known as the last frontier because it has acres and acres of unspoiled natural beauty. From huge glaciers to majestic mountains, Alaska is full of stunning landscapes that create plenty of picture-perfect opportunities with which to document your vacation. Since a majority of the coastline is still wilderness, a cruise to Alaska allows you to see a lot of this beautiful scenery right from the ship.

    The Culture

    Alaska is full of friendly people who love to share stories about their experiences in the state. When you cruise Alaska, you visit some quaint local villages like Hoonah as well as larger areas like Juneau and Sitka. These areas have plenty of museums and cultural centers that make it easy to learn about the history and the culture of the area.

    Unique Activities

    On top of unbelievable views and interesting culture, Alaska also has plenty of unique activities that can keep everyone in your group entertained. Try your skill at salmon fishing or go on a hike on a glacier. You can also kayak, pan for gold, or even ride a dogsled. When you take a cruise to Alaska, you can experience a true adventure.

    Whether you want to sail to Alaska or to relax on a Greek getaway, Brentwood Travel can help plan your next vacation. With some of the best travel agents in St. Louis, we make it easy to find all-inclusive deals that help you organize your ideal escape. To learn more about our travel services or to start planning your next trip, visit us online or call (314) 488-2100.

    Take a Look at these Fascinating Facts about the Panama Canal!

    Last updated 16 days ago

    With the help of a travel agent, you can plan an exciting adventure to a new place like Panama. 

    Keep reading for some interesting facts that can make your next vacation even more exciting:

    Its Roots Date Back to the 1500s

    Although the canal was only opened in 1814, explorers dating back to the 16th century had the idea of creating some kind of passage over this small bridge of land. In fact, Vasco Nunez de Balboa of Spain discovered the tiny amount of land separating the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans back in 1513. He and other explorers started to search for a natural connection between the two oceans, but quickly found that no such area existed.

    The United States Spent a Lot of Time Scouting Nicaragua

    The Americans wanted to create a canal linking the Atlantic and the Pacific throughout the 1800s, but they originally were planning to build it in Nicaragua. A French engineer named Philippe-Jean Bunau-Varilla started to convince them that Panama was the better choice. By the end of the 19th century, he encouraged Americans to purchase the canal assets that the French owned in Panama.

    Building the Canal was Extremely Dangerous

    From difficult landmasses to extremely hot and humid weather, the people who built the canal faced a lot of danger as they started to work. Excessive rainfall and the presence of tropical diseases made this job even riskier. While the French began work on the canal, they lost more than 20,000 workers. Once the Americans took over the project, they lost another 5,600.

    Brentwood Travel is here to help you explore all of the amazing wonders of the world. From the Panama Canal to the stunning statues on Easter Island, our travel agents are here to find you the best deals for your upcoming travel plans. With access to some of the best all-inclusive deals in St. Louis, we give you the resources you need to plan your next trip. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (314) 488-2100.

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